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The first 100 days of an employee

The first 100 days of an employee are the most crucial. We have experienced a lot of scenarios as recruiters and have listed 6 important points in our blog that will help you succeed in these challenging first 100 days and make sure your talents stay!

How to be top of mind when you make an offer to a candidate?

When a company is looking to hire new employees, they need to know how to convince candidates to join them. To do this, they must be able to provide unique benefits and compelling reasons to win them over.

The 10 criteria that will help a candidate choose one offer over another

Here are 10 points that will differentiate one company from another in a candidate's eyes.

The questions you should ask during your job interview

To help you better prepare for your interview, here are some types of questions you could ask your potential employer.

How to thrive in your first interview?

During a first interview, one of the most important things is their first impression, as you will not have a second chance to make a good one! Therefore, it is important to be well prepared for this interview, not only out of respect for the recruiters and the company you are applying to, but also to give yourself the best chances of getting to the next steps. 

What is Industry 4.0 ?

At present, we are in the 4th IR, also known as Industry 4.0. Characterized by increasing automation and the use of smart machines and factories, informed data is helping to produce goods more efficiently and productively throughout the value chain. To sum up, Industry 4.0 “converges previously separate physical and digital systems in industrial manufacturing”

The counter-offer: Why you shouldn’t accept it

Let's imagine the following scenario: You’re looking for a new professional challenge and decide to apply for a job at another company. Good news, you got the job ! You decide give your resignation to your current employer, who, against all odds, decides to make you a counter-offer in the hope to keep you in the company. Let's have a look at the reasons why you shouldn't accept it.

ServiceNow : THE workflow automation platforms

As an entrepreneur, you quickly realize that the little things you do on a day-to-day basis can take a lot of your time. So, how do large and medium-sized companies manage to keep this from being a huge opportunity cost?
The answer is mostly thanks to workflow automation platforms, and the platform I would like to present today is ServiceNow.